Blogger and Internet business entrepreneur from Jamaica

Hi, I’m Lunston Bryan and I’m the entrepreneur and writer behind

I have created and managed several different Internet businesses since 2008 and currently teach people how to make a full time income from blogging part time through my Complete Newbie Training coaching program and how to launch online membership sites through My Monthly Membership course where I take you by the hand and show you how to start you OWN Lucrative Video Training Membership Site that pays you passive recurring income Month After Month.

Like most people who come online to make money, you probably want to use the Internet to create your own wealth from thin air so you can:

  Quit your full-time job and exit the drudgery of a senseless rat race

  Finally be able to pay your own bills on time

  Build your very own highly successful virtual business empire on a literally low-cost for high profit

Buy some of the finest things in life money can afford – a new house, a new car, a holiday around the world, good food, and good people!

  Enjoy operating a string of semi-automated or fully-automated money making machines that produce passive income (it’s your choice)

  Take on vacations as and when you want to

  Have more freedom of time to pursue your passion, hobbies, charity, and other areas of life…

Whatever Your Motivations Are…

This Is Going To Be The Most Important 20 Weeks Of Your Life!

Lunston Bryan
Pro Blogger